Who’s in Charge?

Who’s in Charge?

As everybody probably knows the Centennial Bridge in Ormstown has been closed since late November, 2013 with a projected completion early 2015. The closure necessitates a re-routing of traffic around the local business area. At a meeting with a town representative, the merchants were told that a billboard would be put up featuring generic symbols (forks for dining, bags for shopping etc.) A request to have each business’ logos included was ignored. Nothing happened until February 5th at which time the Municipality of Ormstown hauled out the old billboards which were used in the street closure of 2008. Many of the businesses listed are long gone and the newer ones (mine included) are not represented. It doesn’t seem like the town cares very much about its local businesses.

Mary Sullivan owner of Serenplicity

Credit: Mary Sullivan owner of Serenplicity

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