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Weather Wrap-Up For 2018

Chateauguay Valley Weather Report by Peter Finlayson

The average temperature in December for Ormstown was -5.0 Celsius, which compares with -8.6 Celsius in 2017 and the ten-year normal of -4.5 Celsius. Precipitation was also in the normal range until the last day of the month when 18 mm of rain fell, giving 85 mm of rain and 9 cm of snow for a total of 95 mm of precipitation for the month. While total precipitation was somewhat above normal, the proportion of rain to snow was much higher than average. Following continuous snow cover on the fields from November 15th to December 15th, the snow all disappeared with the help of 65 mm of rain during the last half of December resulting in a green Christmas. Some combines could be seen out on New Year’s Eve picking up the last of the soybean harvest and working under difficult conditions.

The past year was marked by huge temperature swings as indicated below:
January Normal temperature
February 5th warmest in 50 years
March Normal temperature
April 5th coldest in 50 years
May 5th warmest in 50 years
June Normal temperature
July 50-year record warm
August Tied for the 50-year record warm
September Very warm
October 10th coldest in 50 years
November 4th coldest in 50 years
December Normal temperature

When all was said and done, the average temperature for 2018 was 7.275 Celsius, which was consistent with the previous two decades. Ormstown had relatively consistent temperatures over the first three decades of the last 50 years, with a spike for the fourth and fifth decades as shown below:
1967-1976 6.175 Celsius
1977-1986 6.308
1987-1996 6.375
1997-2006 7.150
2007-2016 7.208

Precipitation for the year was all over the map with wet and dry spells, the total being consistent with past decades at 1145 mm:
1987-1996 931 mm
1997-2006 1023 mm
2007-2016 1035 mm
2017 & 2018 1136 mm

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