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Vocation en Art gives young artists valuable opportunity

Aimed at young artists between the ages of 16 and 35 who live in the region, the Vocation en Art contest offers participants a space to show their work while receiving constructive advice and criticism from professionals. An initiative of the Carrefour Jeunesse-Emploi in Huntingdon and its service point in St-Remi, this year’s cohort of young artists was especially talented, with several wowing members of the jury with their abilities at such an early stage in their artistic careers. A total of ten participants took part in this year’s contest, with six representing the Haut-Saint-Laurent region, and four hailing from St-Remi. Each artist was invited to submit two pieces of artwork for consideration in the contest, which were on display at the Carrefour Jeunesse-Emploi office in Huntingdon for the vernissage on December 6. Each artist was asked to speak briefly about their artistic approach, and all were very warmly received by a very appreciative crowd.

Vocation en Art gives young artists valuable opportunity
Participants in the Vocation en Art contest were present at the Carrefour Jeunesse-Emploi in Huntingdon on December 6 for the vernissage and distribution of prizes.

The winner of the 16 to 24-years category was Annabelle Vaudrin for her piece entitled “Escaping the Hourglass,” a very contemplative piece done with charcoal sticks, tortillon and pastels. The winner of the 16 to 24-years category was Jessy Cleroux-Bergeron for both of his oil paintings “l’idiot” and “Sir William S. Copperbolt.” The jury also awarded a special mention for Prycillia Leroux and her piece entitled “Vague de néant.”The members of this year’s jury included Marie-Ange Brassard, Marie-Josée Corbeil, and Karine Landerman. The met on November 21 for over two hours to discuss this year’s entries. Each artist received a copy of all the encouraging but constructive comments made by the jury on each of their pieces. For Jessy-Cléroux-Bergeron, the experience participating in the contest was “super interesting” and beneficial for himself as an artist. A participant in the Jeunes Voluntaires program, he is currently working to organize his own exhibition to showcase his work in the St-Jean-sur-Richelieu area. “I hope all the artists here can continue to work on their art,” he added, suggesting the opportunity to network and see other young artists work was a highlight for him. The six participants in this year’s contest from the Haut-Saint-Laurent included Annabelle Vaudrin, Spencer Martell-Payne, Maria Laplante, Haley Strathdee, Mathieu Monette, and Gina Bonhomme, who at 14-years-old was too young to participate officially in the contest however her work was so advanced she was encouraged to participate all the same. The participants from St-Remi included Précylia Leroux, Samantha Dinelle, Jessy Cléroux-Bergeron and Kaciane Monchamp.

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