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Valley Weather for November 19-24, 2018

Last week made an already cool November even colder according to Ormstown weatherman Peter Finlayson. The average temperature last week was -1.8 C, bringing the monthly average down to -0.6 C which is just a shade warmer than the record for coldest November at -0.8 C set in 1996. Normal for the month is 2.9 C. Thursday flirted with records for the lowest day-time high and coldest overnight low which dipped down to -17.0 C. Some of the coldest winters (the months of Nov-Dec-Jan-Feb-March 1993-94 for example) started with much warmer Novembers, so a very cold November will either mean a warmer January or a really cold winter overall . . . we shall see. There was 35 mm of rain and snow during the last week, which brings our month-to-date total to 103 mm of precipitation, already a third above normal with still a week to go. Needless to say, the fields are pretty sloppy for what harvesting work still remains.

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