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The 19th Season of CISA Droulers / Tsiionhiakwatha Gets Underway

On April 16, the Droulers / Tsiioniakwatha archaeological site interpretation Center will welcome the first of its 10,000 students who visit it annually. As every spring, thousands of students from across Quebec, Ontario and New York State will benefit from our facilities to immerse themselves into Iroquoian history and benefit from a hands-on training program. Please note that school trips for Tsiionhiakwatha are recommended by the Ministry of Education Social Universe program and that our booking calendar is complete more than one year in advance, proof of the success of our educational programs.

For individual or group visitors, the Centre will be open from May 25 to September 22. Nearly 15,000 people visit us annually and benefit from its many activities, including historical events, Native food tastings and overnight stays. Also, you can enjoy the organic products of La Ferme Biophile located 100m from the entrance of the centre. Tsiionhiakwatha is a must-see of the Valley and Montérégie. It is an example of the successful development of rural cultural tourism at a national level, and also an example of a socio-economic partnership between First Nations (Mohawks) and non-Aboriginal people.

We would also like to point out to the public that Tsiionhiakwatha is a non-profit organization that is not yearly financially granted, that the MRC does not own it, that it is not responsible for archaeologists digs and that it does not receive millions of dollars to pay its ten employees.In spite of all that has been written or said, Tsiionhakwatha is a model of success in management for a heritage site since it evolves and performs without recurrent financial support. It generates in income, more than 70% of its annual operating budget, all thanks to a professional, dedicated and versatile team that is committed to the development of our region.

Now well anchored in the regional landscape, the Droulers site continues its heritage educative mission. At a time when the media coverage of polemics has become a daily matter, Tsiionhiakwatha and its team continue their educative and open-mindedness objectives, pillars of a healthy, fair and honest society. We are waiting for you this summer!

Pascal Perron
CISA Droulers/Tsiionhiakwatha

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Lorraine Krause May 27, 2019 at 1:11 PM

Brilliant, historical, and profound visit. When I taught at Gault my Students in Grades 1 2 and 3 went for a sleep over. Memorable. Thanks you for continuing this heritage site visit. Lorraine Krause


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