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Complaint to the Human Rights Commission

Following a complaint filed by a municipal employee with the Human Rights Commission, members of the municipal council decided on November 2, 2015 to hire the Charles Caza law firm to represent the municipality. The grounds for the complaint are currently being kept confidential.

Policy for the hiring of family members

An application for a review of the Policy for the hiring of family members was forwarded to the judicial counsel for the Federation of Quebec Municipalities. The members of the municipal council unanimously supported the hiring policy at the beginning of the year.

Camping Pointe Leblanc

An order by the Municipal Court,  issued on October 27, 2015,  allocated 30 days for the owner of Camping Point Leblanc to clean the grounds. If the order is not followed, the municipality may opt to have the grounds cleaned at the owner’s expense.

Three consultations on the Strategic Plan 2015-2020

Citizens will have an opportunity to express their vision for the future of their municipality.  These consultations took place at the town hall on Monday, November 16, 2015,  on the socio-community and cultural life of the municipality, and will also take place on Monday, November 23, 2015, at 7 pm, on its economic dynamics. A third meeting will be scheduled in December for the agricultural community.

A well for the Fire Department

A common well project with the Municipality of Sainte-Barbe has reached the evaluation stage. The well is located in Génier Park. If the project is realized, it could represent a savings of $30,000 for the municipality.

Evening of Recognition for employees and volunteers

The council voted to allocate a sum of $3,000 for this event, which will include dinner and music. The event will take place on November 28, 2015. Alcoholic beverages are not included in the $3,000. Those attending will be invited to bring their own wine or beer.

Denise St-Germain

Volunteer correspondent for the Haut-Saint-Laurent

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