Place aux jeunes opening doors to educators in the Haut-Saint-Laurent

Following the successful pilot project launched last year connecting skilled young professionals in the agricultural, agri-food and agri-tourism sector with producers and potential employers in the Haut-Saint-Laurent, Place aux jeunes in once again looking to innovate with a project designed to attract and retain youth in the education sector. For the first time, Place aux jeunes in the Haut-Saint-Laurent will be partnering with the New Frontiers School Board to promote the region and its many possibilities for a career in education.

Place aux jeunes opening doors to educators in the Haut-Saint-Laurent
Based on the Discovery Day Weekend model currently offered by the Place aux jeunes network across Quebec, youth aged 18-35 who have recently graduated or are in the process of completing a degree related to the field of education are invited to experience all the Haut-Saint-Laurent has to offer while developing their network of contacts within the region and the New Frontiers School Board. The three-day visit to the region will include school visits, plenty of formal and informal opportunities to meet with passionate teachers and professionals, as well as workshops and interactive sessions. There will also be a number of activities designed to allow participants to experience a taste of apple season while discovering the region’s social, cultural and recreational activities.
All of the activities, accommodation, transportation and meals are included at no cost to participants.
“The Discovery Day Weekend is designed to break some of the barriers young professionals face in deciding to look for a career outside of the city,” says Sarah Rennie, the Migration Agent for Place aux jeunes in the Haut-Saint-Laurent. “In working with the New Frontiers School Board, we are potentially opening the door a little wider for participants interested in a career in education while at the same time introducing them to a lesser known, but, absolutely incredible region,” she adds.
The number of participants for the Discovery Day Weekend is limited, and registration in advance is required. For more information, or to register for the Discovery Day Weekend, contact Sarah Rennie at 450-807-2479 or by email at

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