News Briefs Out of Saint-Anicet

Several subjects were discussed during the most recent municipal council meeting in Saint-Anicet on May 2.

News Briefs Out of Saint-AnicetThe real cost of employees salaries.
The Mayor suggested the total cost of salaries for the month of April totaled $117, 909.74. A resolution was subsequently proposed asking that there be more information on the agenda concerning this subject, as only the net salary was mentioned, which was $61,036.38 for April. The resolution was defeated, four votes to three.

The council announced a $1 million grant from the 2014-18 gasoline tax for roadwork. The contribution from the municipality concerning road work will be $361,900. A tender was requested for engineering services in order to prepare quotes.

Those wishing thinking of renting the beach in the village during the summer of 2016 will have to pay a fee of $1,000.

As of August 1, a tax of 0.46 percent per month will be charged directly to phone accounts due to the 911 Emergency Centre.

Around forty trees have been obstructing the La Guerre River for more than a year, preventing the proper flow of water. An action plan was adopted to clear the river within 45 days. It was also proposed an assessment of 20 kilometers of the river bank be done this autumn to decide on work to be done during the winter.

A mandate, of $2,000, was given to a fire equipment consultant to search for a new fire truck able to meet specific needs. Saint-Anicet is looking for a vehicle that is spacious enough to allow firefighters to dress in their protective clothing and equipment. The truck currently being used is a 1972 model.

The free distribution of trees and shrubs to citizens will take place on Saturday, May 21, from 9 am behind City Hall.

Denise St-Germain, volunteer correspondent for the Haut-Saint-Laurent

Photo by Lise Guinard

Translated by Sarah Rennie, volunteer correspondent for the Haut-Saint-Laurent


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