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Dundee News Briefs

The most recent Dundee municipal council meeting yielded a number of news briefs.
Accountant Jean-Luc Crête presented the financial statements for the municipality for 2015, which demonstrated a surplus of around $66,000.
A representative from the Little Green Library in Huntingdon requested that the elected officials of the municipality revise the way in which Dundee contributes to the library’s funding. The representative expressed her hope that the municipality would begin to contribute according to the proportion of use by its citizens, in similar fashion as the other municipalities within the MRC. Currently, Dundee reimburses the subscription fee paid by residents who use the library.
The municipality has requested the engineering consulting firm, Service de consultation Valleyfield inc., to submit an offer for a preliminary study into the construction of a new municipal garage.
A public consultation will be held at 7 pm on April 18 in Saint-Anicet on the subject of the third branch of Fraser Creek, where the MRC has authorized maintenance work to take place. Of note is the fact residents owning property along the creek, specifically those whose land is downstream from the work zone, are required by law to contribute to payments for the work completed.
To date, around 50 vanity plates have been installed on motor vehicles were delivered to citizens of the 365 that were ordered by the municipality.
The municipality plans to purchase a new fireproof safe.
A new welcome sign will be installed at the western entrance to the municipality, along Highway 132.
Citizens expressed a desire to be better informed of decisions taken by the municipal council. A councilor suggested the news bulletin could be enhanced to include such information. It was also reported that the MRC would soon be publishing the minutes of municipal council meetings and that a reminder should be sent to those responsible for this.
A citizen, in expressing concern for the number of stray cats in the municipality, questioned the council as to whether an incentive program for the sterilization of cats exists as it does in Saint-Anicet. The secretary-treasurer agreed to communicate with the neighbouring municipality on the program’s terms and conditions.

Marc Lachance, volunteer correspondent for the Haut-Saint-Laurent

Translated by Sarah Rennie, volunteer correspondent for the Haut-Saint-Laurent

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