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Approximately forty singers and musicians will fill the front of Saint Romain Church in Hemmingford on Saturday night, May 4 – amateurs and professionals alike from Elgin, Huntingdon, Ormstown, Rockburn, Havelock, Hemmingford, Montreal and as far away as Lachute.

Why? Their shared passion for music and a strong desire for a better world.

This is more than a concert; it is a demonstration of solidarity and musical goodwill. Peace and Justice is a very large umbrella to stand under! All participants will vote on where the money collected will be sent, and every participant may propose an organization or cause to support.

Choir and soloists will sing a wide range of music – from Vivaldi’s Gloria to OscarPeterson’s Hymn to Freedom by way of parts of Fauré’s Requiem and a specially arranged song by Radiohead. A small ensemble will also sing Allegri’s famous Miserere; the name of the piece may not ring a bell, but when the solo soprano sings a very high C, famous movie soundtracks will come to mind – it is as haunting as it is beautiful.

Rehearsals are well underway. It sounds FANTASTIC!

Tickets are $25 at the door and all money is being donated.

Benefit Concert May 4 at 7:30
Hemmingford, Quebec


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