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Former Serviceman Now Candidate for Mayor of Saint-Anicet

If Giovanni Moretti is elected, Saint-Anicet will be led by a resident who has lived in the municipality for just five years. “I am running for the position of mayor of Saint-Anicet in the municipal elections on November 5th,” said the former serviceman, with enthusiasm.
In 2012, following his retirement from the Canadian Army, Gino Moretti moved with his wife, Carole Quenneville, to her family home. “Saint-Anicet is my paradise,” he says. Since moving, he has become a volunteer firefighter with the municipal fire department and is captain of the First Responders. He has also served as an active participant in the development of the municipality’s 2014-2024 emergency contingency plan.

Sergeant Major Giovanni Moretti served in the Army for 36 years. He was born in Montreal and joined in 1977. He was successively stationed at Petawawa, Ontario, then at Valcartier and Saint-Hubert, Quebec. In 1998, he attended a course at the United States Army Sergeant Major Academy in Fort Bliss, Texas. He graduated with distinction and then taught in the armed forces of Her Majesty over the next two years.
In 2001, he served as an instructor at the Royal Military College in Kingston and was later deployed to Afghanistan in 2003. From 2003 to 2008, he would serve in Kandahar as part of the International Security Assistance Force. He would go on to travel around fifty times between Afghanistan and Canada. In 2008, he worked in Toronto, where he served as Chief Warrant Officer of the Canadian Armed Forces until his retirement in 2012.

As a candidate, Mr. Moretti has a vision for the municipality. “I want to work to strengthen the Village,” he said. “We must re-evaluate the real needs of citizens while ensuring good services, a climate of collaboration and of partnership with other municipalities. The municipality should be an unrestricted credit card.”
“Gino is an intense, passionate man who is 100% dedicated to what he does,” says Carole, his wife. “He has the well-being of the citizens of Saint-Anicet at heart.”
In the coming weeks, there may well be other candidates who show an interest in becoming Mayor of Saint-Anicet. To be continued…

Denise St-Germain, Volunteer Correspondent for the Haut-Saint-Laurent
Translation by Sarah Rennie, Volunteer Correspondent for the Haut-Saint-Laurent
Lise Guinard, photographer

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