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Can I submit anything to It’s My Town? 

As long as your submission is original, accurate, true, not copyrighted, non-commercial, has a local connection and meets our Terms of Service and Use requirements, you should be ok.      We suggest that you submit personal, firsthand local stories, but you can quote others as long as you give credit.  When sending in a story, interview or profile about a business or person, make sure you ask their permission first.   You may not only avoid any disputes, but you can obtain valuable first hand information. When submitting someone else’s video url from youtube or other similar sites,  the embed code for sharing must be used.  When uploading a video to youtube, owners choose either to enable embed code for sharing or not.  If they have enabled sharing, it means that they want others to share their video.   All youtube videos will link back to youtube and the originating channel.


How do I submit a story, event or classified ad, do I have to apply first?

No. Submission is easy.  Just fill in the appropriate form under  Community Calendar Submissions,  Add Your Event, Add Your Story or Submit a Classified Ad.  Your submission will be put in cue for moderation by one of our editors.  Once cleared, your story will appear in the appropriate section.


Do I have to use my real name?

Yes, for the arts calendar, announcements, community calendar and classified ads.

For stories, we do encourage you to use your real name or a variation using your initials. But, if for some reason you feel you may be jeopardized by using your real name, we do allow you to use an anonymous by line.  Although it won’t be publicized, you are still required to supply us with you real name and contact information.


Is there a requirement with regards to the length of my story?

10 to 250 (to accompany your photo or video) and 400 to 600 words for a story.  This a just a suggestion, it’s totally up to you!  And, please make sure you follow the 5Ws guideline. Who, What, Where, When and Why.


Can I submit a video off my video camera or phone?

You can only submit videos that have been first uploaded to youtube, vimeo or other similar sites.   Once uploaded to one of these sites, you will need to copy and paste the code for sharing.  The sharing function on these sites must be enabled.  Here is a link to ‘wikiHow’, where you will find instructions on how to upload a video.  (wikiHow)  You will also need to submit a photo that will display as a featured image for your video.  If you are unable to do this, we will use a screen shot that we will take from the video.


Can I submit multiple photos and videos with my story? 

You can submit up to 2 photos and 1 video with each story, and 1 photo with a classified ad, announcement or event.  Photos must be originals or in the public domain.

Will you edit my story?

No and yes.  We will not change the content in your story, but we might fix a typo or spelling error when we see one.  This being said, we are not responsible for errors and encourage you to always edit your own work.  Ask a friend to read over it and check for spelling, grammar, punctuation and typos. We also reserve the right to change the title of your story.  Why?  In case we receive two stories with the same title, space constraints or we feel it needs to be more descriptive.  We will make every effort to retain the essence of your title if we do decide to change it.


Will you cover an event or story if asked?  

Sorry, but we do not have the staff for this.  We encourage you to participate in the news-making process and report on events and stories that interest you.


Can I just send a press release to you?

At this time, we only accept stories and events submitted through our submission forms.


Are all classified ads, announcements, the arts calendar and the community calendar free?

Yes they are!  But note that our classified ads section is reserved for the general public.  Businesses, please refer to our commercial ad info page.


Can I add links in my story?

Yes and No. We don’t allow URL’s in stories or classified ads.  Any story or classified ad with a URL embedded in it will not be published.  But, you may add a URL address in the description area when submitting to the arts calendar and the community calendar.   We do not allow stories with blatant sales pitches for products and services.


Can I copy and paste a story that I found elsewhere on the internet?

No plagiarism!  But if you have an new idea that originates from another source, you may write a new story.  Your rephrasing from the original source must differ substantially and you should always give credit to the source author.  Any plagiarized stories brought to our attention will be removed.


Do I hold onto my copyright? 

Copyright stays with the writer, but you do grant us non-exclusive electronic rights in order for us to post the material on our site.  However, this does not prevent you from posting your story elsewhere if you like.