An Evening of Hilarious Improv

In celebration of the twelfth edition of International Women’s Day, the March 8 Committee for the Haut-Saint-Laurent invited the National Improvisation League (NIL) to perform on March 16 at CVR. The main theme was: women.
But what is improvisation? It is an art mastered by some actors to spontaneously perform short productions on subjects drawn at random. These shows demonstrate the creative genius of the actors as well as their ability to improvise on the spot with their teammates with absolutely no prior preparation. Featuring two teams of improvisers, the concept behind the NIL is based on friendly competition, supervised by a referee who announces the themes and dictates the rules, including the type of improvisation, duration, etc.


Celebrating a serious topic through laughter
The event, entitled “Equality Without Limits”, began with a speech by organizers highlighting our neighbours to the south, the United States, and their president who has a very particular perspective on women.
This was followed by the competition between the two NIL teams, white and red, which consisted of two players each. “It was great, but it’s too bad there were only two players,” said Améthiste Laramée, a young art enthusiast, who was immediately contradicted by her friend Samuel Beauchemin: “It was very interesting, and it was worth it. Even if there were only two players, they owned the stage.”

Throughout the show, the actors managed to generate laughs while incorporating as many aspects of the lives of women as possible into their performances. “The public was nice and receptive,” concluded François-Étienne Paré, who was one of the actors. In fact, the crowd of roughly 100 voted by a show of hands to determine the winners of each game. Needless to say, the atmosphere was charged, and everyone enjoyed their evening.

Sonia Thykootathil
Volunteer Correspondent for the Haut-Saint-Laurent and participant in the Writing Workshop at Arthur-Pigeon High School in Huntingdon

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