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Chateauguay Valley Weather Summary for January 2019

Weather Summary for January 2019 by Peter Finlayson

The “POLAR VORTEX’ and “EXTREME” cold almost displaced President Trump in the daily news, and that is difficult to accomplish. During January, it was not good enough to express the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit but instead the media quoted “wind chill” or “feels like” temperature, which was a new one for me, anything to make it sound worse. Whatever you called it, the unseasonable weather was certainly caused by climate change according to the experts. Ormstown usually has one week each winter when the temperature does not go above -18 Celsius. Our average temperature for January was -10.1 Celsius this year, compared to -9.1 Celsius last year and the ten-year normal of -8.6 Celsius. The coldest January in the last 53 years was -16.8 Celsius in 1994 and the warmest was a balmy -3.0 Celsius in 1990. There have been seventeen years colder than this January and, yes, my stable cleaner chain was frozen and I bent a paddle or two, and if I had a silo, the unloader would be complaining, but that is all normal for a Canadian winter. Precipitation was abundant with 26 mm of rain and 91 cm of snow, which melted down to an additional 78 mm for a total of 104 mm of precipitation for the month, a good 35% above normal.

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