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Chateauguay Valley weather March 2019 summary

We’re cheating a bit this week with the monthly summary given that it is the last day of the month and one more day’s worth of data won’t change the overall picture by much. The average temperature was -2.5 Celsius, up slightly from last week at -3.3 Celsius but a full degree below the normal of -1.4 Celsius. So a slightly cool March for 2019.

New for the monthly summary will be a 10-year and 50-year comparison to see if recent temperatures are rising or falling compared to the long-term.

Average temperature for March
2019 -2.5 C
2009 -1.4 C
1969 -2.1 C

Precipitation was a bit below normal for March with 47 mm of rain and 22 cm of snow which melted down for a total of 70 mm of precipitation. Despite the ice on the Chateauguay River being quite thick, it seems to be melting slowly rather than breaking up into chunks which then jam up against bridges and other barriers – a good sign for minimal flooding. Everyone has seen the geese flying by and there’s been sightings of heron’s, which is really early in the season. Of course, the herons know that April is going to be mild with high’s in the low and mid-teens, and only a few nights a little bit below zero.

Enjoy picking up the mess in your gardens!

Peter Finlayson, Ormstown Weatherman

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