Avalon Singers Spring Concert

On Friday, June 2, under the directorship of Pamela Selkirk, the Avalon Singers will perform one of the most popular choral works of the 20th century, Carmina Burana, composed by Carl Orff. The text for this bold, rhythmic and rousing choral work is from a collection of poems that were written between the 11th and 13th century in Latin as well as Old German and Old French and discovered in the Benedictine monastery of Beuren. These poems celebrate some of the basic pleasures of life – love, wine, food and the arrival of springtime – and speak of the fickle wheel of fortune, “Fortuna, Empress of the World” being both the opening and closing chorus of the work. Before Carl Orff composed the Carmina Burana he was best known as a musical educator but when the work was first performed in Frankfurt in 1937 it was an immediate success, and it has continued to enjoy great popularity ever since.

To open the concert, the Avalon Singers will perform a series of madrigals which also deal with the eternal theme of love. Two Montreal soloists, soprano Catherine Brunelle and bass-baritone Nathan Keoughan will join the choir for the Carmina Burana. Scott Bradford will accompany the choir on the piano, and Isabelle Tardif will provide percussion.

Don’t miss an opportunity to hear this exciting work. The concert will be held on Friday, June 2 at 8:00 pm, at Grove Hall, 165 Châteauguay Street in Huntingdon. Tickets are $15 and may be bought at the door or in advance from choir members.

Nora Johnston

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